Untapped FR Monthly Round-up – March 2022.

Hello Untapped FR Virtual Hubbers, hope you are all keeping well and slowly getting back and adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Here is our first monthly news round-up for 2022.

Again I am excited to share what we’ve been working on in the background for sometime now!

Pivoting from Pop-Up hubs to a Virtual Hub

At the end of 2019 both the business and freelancing landscape in the UK and the rest of the world faced a major global challenge due Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of this, Untapped FR decided to pivot from its initial plan of providing pop-up hubs to offering its services and activities via its virtual portal . Hence Untapped FR virtual hub was created and this has enabled us to offer our services to aspiring female entrepreneurs, startups and women-led businesses across the UK. We now focus on being a one-stop portal for aspiring female entrepreneurs, start-ups and women-owned businesses of all sizes and from all sectors. The launch of Untapped FR Pop-Up hubs is still on hold and will be reviewed later this year.

Back to 2022 Untapped FR continues to act as a gateway between female entrepreneurs and the rest of the entrepreneurial ecosystem! Through the virtual hub we partner and collaborate with carefully selected individuals, businesses and organisations that support female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses across the UK.

Becoming VC Scout for Ada Ventures

I would like to officially announce on this hub that at the beginning of 2021 I joined the Ada Ventures Scout program. Ada Ventures is a venture capital firm which invests in overlooked founders and markets across the UK. They are also particularly interested and passionate about investing in female founders and startups.

As part of the Scout program the aim is to help identify under-presented and overlooked ambitious founders and entrepreneurs across the country. I particularly decided to join Ada Ventures as I feel their mission aligns with that of Untapped FR – and that is to support overlooked entrepreneurs and founders with bold business opportunities. I therefore hope to use my portal as well as my wider network to help founders by connecting them to Ada Ventures.

For any aspiring female entrepreneurs and founders who have bold ideas or working in startup and are looking for funding to start or grow their business ventures please do get in touch for a possible venture capital connection with Ada Ventures or if you simply would like to find out more about equity funding. Email [email protected].

Female Pre-startup Program

Are you an ambitious and aspiring female entrepreneur or business woman looking to turn your idea, skills or hobby into a meaningful and sustainable business? Have you got an idea or side hustle that you would like to turn into a business? Then the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program is ideal for you!

Through IDEA2LAUNCH Limited we provide a useful resource and practical tools for women looking to start their own business or working for themselves. These include aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea or hobby into a viable business venture, those in the early stages of business who would like to develop their business idea further as well as female professionals looking to use their skills to become independent professionals or self-employed.

Program participants also get access to a library of helpful and time-saving resources and practical tools. Untapped FR will also enable access and connections to relevant professionals and industry experts where participants can learn more about starting their own business.

Our Female Pre-Startup program focuses solely on aspiring female entrepreneurs and business women looking to launch their new product, service or business. Therefore the program is for anyone new to entrepreneurship, freelancing and/or self-employment.

Registering on the program

To register your interest in the program please email [email protected] with subject line ‘Pre-Startup Program’ and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Female Entrepreneur Spotlight – ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ series

Siobhan Miller – Founder of The Positive Birth Company

Our popular series ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ continues this year! Again we love the work we do here at Untapped FR and many thanks to all the female entrepreneurs and businesses, who we featured throughout 2021, for sharing their inspiring entrepreneurial journeys and their businesses. We’ve had a few more entrepreneurs featured and here are their quick links:


Hannah Samano, founder and CEO of Unfabled, a feminine cycle care marketplace. Hannah founded Unfabled because she wanted to see a world where women’s self esteem is not negatively affected by their periods.


Liverpool-based entrepreneur Emma Jarvis, the founder of UK’s premier corporate pregnancy and well-being brand Dearbump for expectant employees. Emma, a mother herself was faced with a concerning lack of information and pregnancy products, she took matters into her own hands by creating a brand that would help support and guide women through pregnancy.

Lena Media Consultancy

Lawrencia Nelson, brand consultant and founder of Lena Media Consultancy, a brand building agency for niche and ethnic minority brands. Lawrencia launched her own brand building creative business whose main mission is to cater for brands in beauty and lifestyle industry while at the same time helping niche and under represented brands to find their voice.

Mane Hook-Up

Jade Phillips, founder of Mane Hook-Up, an online platform that connects Afro hair stylists with their clients. Jade focuses on afro hair stylists, providing them with a system that enables them to manage their businesses and book appointments and other essential tools that helps them to grow their businesses.

Media Partnerships – Collaborate with us!

group of people sitting indoors

We’re again celebrating an ever-growing close collaboration with PR professionals, journalists and other media outlets who share amazing stories of female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses with.

We are always on the look out for inspiring articles, news and content on female entrepreneurs and any content that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation among women. We feature female entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups looking for media exposure for their brand, products and services.

We also partner with various media outlets such as PR, communications and marketing individuals seeking media exposure for their clients.

If you meet any of the above criteria do get in touch with us on [email protected] with the subject line ‘Media collab’.

And finally…

We would like to thank everyone within the Untapped FR hub, supporters, partners and our wider community for your continued support and for being part of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Hope you have a lovely spring. We also hope to share with you even more updates on our hub!

In the meantime you can keep catching up with us through this this hub and also our social media pages once they are up and running again.