Meet the Entrepreneur: Mary Fashanu, founder of a business coaching company MaryFash Ltd and Co-founder of Association of Black Coaches.

Mary Fashanu is an internationally recognised business coach who launched her own successful coaching business MaryFash to help individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses grow their business, make an impact, increase their revenue and land clients consistently. She also co-founded the Association of Black Coaches, an organisation promoting best practice and maintaining industry standards for black professional coaches worldwide.

We had the opportunity of getting to know more about her and her business and here she shares her entrepreneurial journey with us.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey

I started my business because I wanted to make a difference in other women’s lives and businesses. I started my business to drive the importance of women knowing that they are made for more through business. I started my business to give support to women in business on their entrepreneurial journey as it can be a very daunting experience without support and help of someone, whether it be a mentor or an experienced coach.

This is something I experienced when I started my entrepreneurial journey – I almost quit that journey because I was tired, felt lonely, didn’t really know what I was doing until I met my mentor who held my hand and gave me sense of clarity and direction and here I am thriving! So I started my coaching business to give other women in business the opportunity I had, to give them clarity and sense of direction in their businesses.

Tell us about MaryFash Ltd as well as your role as a Business Coach

MaryFash Ltd is a coaching and consultancy firm that was created to help as many business owners especially women in the service business space to fulfil their purpose, make impact while making income to help them live a fulfilled life they desire and deserve while leaving a lasting legacy.

I offer the following services to achieve my mission:

  • Revenue Growth Accelerator Program (12 weeks)
  • Business Strategy Power Session (2 Hours)
  • Business Process & Systems Power Session (2 hours)
  • Business Accountability Program (12 weeks)

What does being a female entrepreneur mean to you?

Being a female entrepreneur means everything to me as this allow me to showcase my movement of women being made for more. More than just a wife, mother or a sibling. We have a purpose! So women entrepreneurs fulfilling that purpose through their businesses means the world to me!

I am a wife to a handsome king, mother to the most beautiful princesses and I am also an Agile Delivery Manager Consultant. Finding a balance for all these can be challenging but setting priorities, goals and activities helps me a lot.

I don’t work on weekends so I spend time with my kids and family. When I work during the week, I do my coaching when I have put my kids to bed and had dinner. I usually finish work at 5pm, so between 5 and 7pm, I make dinner and spend time with the family. Kids go to bed at 7.30pm then coaching starts. My husbands helps a lot as well because life happens. My husband is a huge supporter of my business so he helps a lot!

What challenges or obstacles have you faced as a result of being a female entrepreneur?

At the moment, my challenge is having a full time career that does not allow me to have as many clients as I would like due to lack of time capacity! So, as I grow, I would love to reduce my hours at work to take on more clients in my business.

What has been your success story so far?

My success story stories so far include the following: Making a brand for myself in just 2 years as well as creating impact in women businesses; Serving more than 80 businesses so far in my journey and I cannot wait to do more; and Connecting and collaborating with like minded people in business because I believe in the power of people.

My other achievements include Co-founding the first Association of Black Coaches. I also
Co-founded Make It Happen and going on a tour to three different cities to make a difference, Manchester, London & Dublin and becoming a John Maxwell certified business coach, trainer, teacher and speaker.

Which other business entrepreneur would you recommend and why?

I would like to recommend Esther A Coaching. Esther is a career and personal development coach who works with ambitious individuals across a broad range of industries. She works hard and makes a huge difference in the lives of people looking to change their lives through career.

What tips or advice would you give to any female considering becoming an entrepreneur?

  • You are made for more – always know that!
  • Start that business already! Progress over perfection.
  • Speed without direction is useless! Seek help
  • You can do it!
  • Give yourself time.
  • Don’t compare your 1 year to someone’s 10 years of experience
  • Always pray
  • Collaboration over competition always
  • Believe in the power of people
  • Network network network
  • Have clarity, get direction to get the results you want

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