Meet the Entrepreneur: Lawrencia Nelson, brand consultant and founder of Lena Media Consultancy, a brand building agency for niche and ethnic minority brands.

Lawrencia launched her own brand building creative business whose main mission is to cater for brands in beauty and lifestyle industry while at the same time helping niche and under represented brands to find their voice. We had the opportunity to find out more about her, her agency and most importantly what led her to represent black owned brands and businesses.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey

I started a blog back in 2016 as I always loved to write but I never had the confidence to actually start it as I was apprehensive no-one would be interested in what I had to write about. Honestly my blog just grew and grew, I started pitching my articles to publications for features. I was also interviewing entrepreneurs from different industries but mostly lifestyle entrepreneurs. I loved that there was a plethora of entrepreneurs from ethnic minority backgrounds but needed their voices to be heard. I was inspired by the moves they were making from all over the world. I wanted to tell the world their story, as these entrepreneurs had great energy and most importantly great brands. In 2018, I decided to become a brand consultant as I wanted to help entrepreneurs gain awareness and felt I had the network to do so. I got my first client which was a massive sunscreen brand for Black women in the US in 2018.

What led you to start representing black owned brands and entrepreneurs?

I am extremely passionate about the growth of black owned businesses and wanted to connect these brands to mainstream media. We are living in a time where there are so many black entrepreneurs doing amazing things and most importantly creating iconic brands. Growing up I suffered from acne and was constantly recommended skincare brands that didn’t work for me, which may not have even been catered for a young black girl. Now fast forward twenty years later we have individuals creating vegan and organic skin brands catered for people who look like me. They care about what we put on our skin. I love this term which I heard recently from a client ’catered for us by us’. My daughter is growing up in a world where her favourite hair products are catered by people that look exactly like her. Representation is key, and it matters to the highest level.

Could you tell us more about your brand agency Lena Media Consultancy

I am the Founder of Lena Media Consultancy. Lena Media is a brand building agency that works with niche brands to help create awareness and connect them to their audience. We help them to share their creative voice and connect them with their chosen audience. Our aim is simple, we support inclusivity, help brands to grow and create brand awareness.

What does being a female entrepreneur mean to you?

A female entrepreneur means to me using your strength and power as a woman, as women we are much stronger then people tend to think. We are strong and ambitious and also most importantly we are designed to be nurturers, so it comes naturally to be compassionate, offering support, training and most importantly encouragement. As a working mother, I tend to tap into many of those traits in business which has helped me gain success in my business. Clients see me as personable not just an individual trying to make money!

I have always wanted to be a mother and I have always wanted to have my own business; I am not going to pretend and say it is easy because it certainly is not. I am sure if it were, we would all be doing it! I make it work for e.g. scheduling meetings around her, as much as I love my business, but my child is my priority and I do it for her to have a better future. At times I do have ‘mum guilt’ where you think am I focusing enough time on her, but I try my best to balance my time.

What’s been your major challenges or obstacles so far?

Starting from nothing. I was constantly told ‘a lot of businesses fail in their first year’. I had no experience of running a business so whatever. I pretty much learnt how to run a business by watching my managers and directors at my 9 to 5. I used to watch how they would deal with certain situations, how they would speak to clients and overcome difficult scenarios. I would then put my own personal spin on it. Initially I was a one-woman band, doing everything by myself from prospecting new clients, account management and admin.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely and there are times where you really need to motivate yourself, it can be difficult as you have no manager or director to motivate you. You’re the director! Entrepreneurship is daunting, as one month it’s an amazing month and the next a slow month. It really does vary!

What’s been your success story so far?

A highlight would be going from strength to strength, I started the journey officially in 2019 and have worked with over 40 businesses not only in the UK but internationally. I have started to be recognised as a specialist in my field which is amazing. One of my biggest highlights this year is securing collaborations with ITV for two clients and a beauty segment in the US for another client.

Which other female entrepreneur would you recommend?

Dior Bediako who is the founder of Pepper Your Talk and Jamelia Donaldson who is the founder of Treasure Tress . Both of these women are doing amazing things in their chosen industry and making such a difference.

What top tips can share with other female entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself, believe in your brand. You are your brand so own it. Have faith and do not be disheartened if you face rejection initially, keep going. I would also say make sure you have a good accountant from the set go, it makes a world of a difference. Invest in an accountability partner, another individual who helps you to keep to your goals and business commitments. Writing your goals down is very important as you can see what you have achieved, it is a real motivation factor.

To learn more about Lawrencia and business visit Lena Media Consultancy

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