FAQ for Specialised Service Providers

What is UNTAPPED FR B2B matching service?

UNTAPPED FR is a curated resource and B2B matching portal that simplifies and helps female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses find the right specialised services and businesses that match their business needs. Our sore purpose is to help facilitate introductions and connections between female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses and match them with specialised services and businesses.

Who is the B2B matching service for?

Our B2B matching service helps the following businesses:

  • Female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses
  • Specialised service providers and businesses
  • Investors and funding sources
  • Organisations

Who are specialised services and businesses?

Specialised services and businesses(also known as ‘service providers’) offer specialised services and products to other businesses. We therefore help find and match female entrepreneurs with the right specialised service providers and businesses. However, female entrepreneurs who offer services to other businesses can also use our B2B matching services interchangeably.

What do I need to use your B2B matching service as a specialised service provider?

Our B2B matching service is very easy to use. All you have to do is as follows:

  1. Register your interest
  2. Provide your service details and criteria
  3. We find and qualify clients or leads
  4. We facilitate introductions and connections

Do you pre-screen specialised service providers?

We apply a thorough matching process to identify best fit. Prior to accepting a specialised service provider or business offering services or products to other businesses on our database, we conduct basic due diligence. This includes providing a minimum of two client recommendations or testimonials.

How and where do you source clients or leads?

As a curated resource and B2B matching portal, UNTAPPED FR sore purpose is to simplify and help female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses find the right specialised services and businesses that match their business needs. We help facilitate introductions and connections between female entrepreneurs and match them with specialised services and businesses. We use our expertise, experience, extensive network and resources to identify, qualify and match the right clients with specialised service providers.

Do you tie service providers to a long-term contract or subscription?

With our B2B matching service there’s no subscription or long term payment contracts involved. You only pay per qualified clients sourced or leads generated exclusively for you. As an introductory offer we provide a one-off trial where we find you one qualified client or lead to ensure the quality of clients or leads we are able to find and match you with fit your criteria.

Are the clients or leads exclusive to one service provider or shared to other providers within your network?

All clients or leads that we find, qualify and match you with at that time are exclusively shared with you, meaning they are assigned to you and not shared with any other service provider.

Do you have any client or lead replacement policy in place?

As our B2B matching process applies a very rigorous approach where we ensure that we assess, qualify, match and facilitate introductions between service providers and clients, we therefore do not replace clients. We therefore continue to provide clients or leads that we feel meet your criteria. Only in unusual circumstances do we make a replacement, but this is not usually the case. However, we do not replace cancelled or unsuccessful follow-on appointments or meetings.

How soon after signing up do you start finding clients or leads for the service provider?

This varies and depends on the type of matching and introductions. Some can start within 24 hours while others might take a few days to a few weeks depending on business needs, budget size, industry preferences and target audience. All in all, clients or leads will start coming through within 2-3 weeks. However, if we are unable to find you anything we will notify you and work out other possible strategies with you.

Does UNTAPPED FR stay involved after matching and introductions are made?

Please be aware that as UNTAPPED FR, we are simply a facilitator, simplifying the way you find the right clients and leads that fit your business needs. Therefore after matchmakings and introductions, we do not get involved in any follow-on discussions between parties, unless extra arrangements and involvement are factored in the request.

Is there a cost for specialised service providers to use the service?

There is a fee that we charge for using our B2B matching service as a specialised service provider or business offering products and services to other businesses. However, we may charge the fees as either a fixed amount or a percentage of the final value. However, we do not have a set fee for our services as this depends on the level of service. Please contact us with your service details to find out more.

Are there any registration or subscription fees?

There are no registration or subscription fees. Our service is strictly outcome-based which means a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

Does my company or business get listed or appear on your website?

Please also note that the privacy of all specialised service providers and businesses is of importance to UNTAPPED FR and as such all the information pertaining to this is kept confidential. Please see our privacy policy. Your business or company does not appear anywhere on the UNTAPPED FR website, unless by special request or through other arrangements i.e. ad or marketing campaign or after a mutual written consent for a specific purpose.

The service or product I offer does not fit into any of the categories on UNTAPPED FR website.

Our current list is not exhaustive so you can still register your services and we will review your registration.

Any other questions?

Please e-mail [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can use our contact form, if you don’t hear from us sooner.