Meet the Entrepreneur: Anita Frost, Founder of Green Bean Studios.

Anita Frost is a multi-award-winning author and the founder of Green Bean Studios. Anita along with a talented team of professionals has grown a Children’s Entertainment Brand.  The children’s brand, based at Green Bean Studios creates precious moments for children and families through a fun, educational range of bookstoysgamesmusic animated TV productions.

One entity of her brand is centred around a range of books, toys and games named the Green Bean Collection which is designed to promote a love of the outdoors, kick-start reading skills, and create precious moments between parents and children. The range is produced using people and planet-friendly methods, in a way that contributes to local, independent businesses. Anita has an extensive professional background in both child development and business industries.

The Green Bean Collection began in 2018 as a series of books for children, authored by Anita Frost. The books centre around the main character Green Bean, a walking, talking bean, a true delight, readers can submerge into Green Beans everyday adventures and activities, including trips to the park, and the swimming pool. More recent books include additional characters, such as a Mr Bear, Beckett and Rosie.

While the books and toys had only just been launched, Anita and the team started hosting book launches, pop up shops and immersive storytime experiences. Children got to experience the brand first hand, and many have loved it from the start, and wanted to purchase more books and more toys.

These simple and entertaining stories are highly relatable to primary aged children, as they reflect the everyday routine. There is a strong emphasis on sparking imaginations and broadening horizons, allowing the children to think creatively and grow in confidence. The importance of friendship is emphasised, as well as belonging to a community and helping each other.

Green Bean and Friends is a series of collectable books and toys based on six unique characters. The upbeat style of the books engages the curiosity of children, and is complemented by a fun ‘lift-the-flap’ feature. Bright colours and engaging stories are designed to be exciting and engaging, as well as being tailored to the developmental stage of each specific target audience. The company also launched a range of plush character toys alongside the books, the growing toy range promotes play, and allows the children to create precious moments through fun adventures.

Since the company started in 2017, Green Bean Collection has seen exceptional growth as a result of interactive storytelling events held in retail spaces. These events give families a unique chance to experience the brand and have led to growth in popularity. The company won the 2020 UK Enterprise Award for Best Children’s Toys and Books retailer.

Green Bean Collection also had the privilege of receiving many glowing reviews from parents. Anita’s goal going forward is to diversify in the area of media and animation, to reach wider audiences. Her other long term goal is for Green Bean Collection to become a brand that will be loved for generations to come.

To get the Green Bean Collection or learn about all of their latest stylish goods, fun and exciting range for your little ones to learn and enjoy early years adventures head over to their website