Making time for ‘self care’: 15 self care tips for women who run their own businesses.

As you may or may not know life as an entrepreneur can be quite challenging as many entrepreneurs wear multiple hats to get their businesses up and running. Hence achieving work-life balance can be very difficult for many entrepreneurs, particularly women who juggle multiple tasks at a time. This is why it is very important for female entrepreneurs to maintain good health and wellness to avoid burnout.

Self-care is key to maintaining both your well-being and your business. We’ve compiled the following list containing some tips that we feel would help your physical and mental well-being as well as your overall happiness.

  1. Set yourself daily plan and routine.
  2. Take regular exercises while you work.
  3. Get out regularly for some fresh air and to clear your head.
  4. Avoid taking or making social phone calls during your work hours.
  5. Put your feet up and read a book or magazine.
  6. Join a leisure club or take up a hobby.
  7. Use meditation to relax.
  8. Get enough sleep at night or whenever you can.
  9. Switch off your phone at night and switch off from all social media.
  10. Listen to some relaxing music or use a self-care app.
  11. watch your favourite film or TV programme.
  12. Go out with your family or friends for a drink, meal, movie or just a walk.
  13. Do something that you love or treat yourself to something nice e.g. retail therapy or a pamper session.
  14. Call a friend or someone who makes you happy or laugh.
  15. Go outside and take a walk in nature to help with your memory.