New SWOB Directory website launched!

Untapped FR has created a new website dedicated to showcasing and increasing visibility of women-owned businesses following an intensive transformation and addition of programs and services. The SWOB Directory site has also been integrated in the Untapped FR website in order to enable us to deliver a seamless and efficient experience for our community thereby providing a coordinated portal for the two sites.

The new website will serve two purposes: (1) to showcase and promote amazing micro, small and medium-sized businesses founded and operated by women across the UK; and (2) to increase visibility of female entrepreneurs and business owners as well as raise much needed awareness of some of the products and services offered by women-owned businesses.

The idea for creating two sites particularly SWOB Directory was to make it easier for anyone looking to support women-owned businesses or looking for products and services provided by female entrepreneurs would go to straight to this dedicated website to search, browse and buy from these amazing network of business women.

The great part about our directory is that it’s FREE to be listed as we have pledged to support as many women-owned businesses as possible during this global crisis.

To visit the new site, join or to be featured on our SWOB directory please click here.