How outsourcing virtual female freelancers and professionals can help your new business venture

Having a virtual team can help your new business as well as help you achieve your business and entrepreneurial goal. As a founder of Untapped FR, an online portal whose aim is to help and support women to create and grow meaningful and sustainable business ventures, I get to meet and work with a cross section of talented female freelancers who offer back-end business support to entrepreneurs, startups as well as businesses across the UK and beyond!

I’ve been particularly inspired by female freelancers who are passionate about helping other women to start, manage and grow their businesses. Many of these female freelancers and independent professionals have proven skills, experience and expertise to provide specialised services to other entrepreneurs and businesses.

Some of the services they provide range from social media management, content creation, web designing to more vital back-end support such as bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, human resources, administrative support, IT and technology, research and development just to mention a few! These freelancers and professionals can be extremely beneficial particularly at the start of your new business as they bring with them expertise that can useful to entrepreneurs and businesses.

I am sure many of you female entrepreneurs and businesses out there will agree how challenging it can be to start, manage or even to grow a business particularly with limited time, budgets and resources. While the idea of building a virtual team makes great business sense however, finding or hiring skilled and reliable people to provide this core and non-core back-end support can be a huge task too.

This is why Untapped FR provides an Outsourcer Hub which serves as a vital service for both business women and female freelancers to provide much needed specialised services to fulfil business needs.

We are currently working and creating a network of skilled female freelancers and professionals who provide these vital services. As we mainly work with aspiring female entrepreneurs, startups and women-owned businesses, we’ve seen first hand the value that our Outsourcer Hub add to our portal as well as to business women.

So whether you are after a freelancer or professional to work on your social media platform, offline and digital marketing, data or content creation or any of the time consuming non-core back-end support, our network of outsourcers can help you achieve that!

If you are interested in working with female freelancers and professionals from our Outsourcer Hub on any of your project or business, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We can search and find a female freelancer or professional who is a good fit for your project, introduce them and connect them with you.

We look forward to working with you!