Meet the Freelancer: Amy Cubbon (aka amycubwrites)

Amy Cubbon (former Content Creator for Untapped FR) launched as a freelance Virtual Assistant and Writer under amycubwrites last year where she offers her writing services to individuals and businesses across the UK. We caught up with her to launch our ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ series and she shares her transitioning journey from work life to freelancing.

What led you to become a freelancer?

I was working as a full-time in office Personal Assistant for three years, when I got to a point of non-enjoyment. I had a clash with an unpleasant colleague, and felt as though I wasn’t going anywhere in terms of my career. Up until that moment I had been settled and comfortable, but quite suddenly I realised I needed a change. It was never my original intention to go self-employed. I was looking for a role where I could work from home and manage my own time a bit better. But before I knew it, I’d accidentally fallen into the freelance lifestyle – and I’ve never looked back!

How did the idea of amycubwrites come about?

I started off by providing Virtual Assistant services which was quite a smooth transition from my previous role – only now I was offering the same services to a range of different clients from all sorts of different industries, remotely. I then began working on writing projects on the side and since then I’ve slowly started to niche down to providing writing, content creation, and social media management services. I’m also currently working on my debut novel which I hope to release to the world at the end of 2021!

What does being a female freelancer (or entrepreneur) mean to you?

To me, being a female entrepreneur is all about empowerment, independence, supporting other women in their businesses, and being an advocate for this lifestyle. My husband works shifts and so we try to make it a priority to spend more time with each other and working our other commitments around that – which is much easier to do now I’m not working a set 9-5.

What challenges or obstacles have you faced as a result of being a freelancer?

Particularly when I first started out as purely an assistant, I found it difficult to be taken seriously as a ‘business owner’. As I’ve grown over this year, I’ve come leaps and bounds in terms of my confidence, knowing my worth, and knowing what I’m capable of. Setting boundaries was also a huge issue early on. I was so eager to please people that I would answer emails and messages at all hours and worked myself to the point of burnout.

What has been your success story so far?

Oh gosh – so many! Getting my own clients has been rewarding in itself, and definitely getting my first writing client as I was finally doing what I truly loved and getting paid for it. I’ve met so many interesting people this year – albeit virtually – and have learnt a lot about myself. And of course, working with Untapped FR has been a great highlight and I’m really excited and proud to see where this journey takes me.

What are your favourite business tools?

Not so much a tool, but just prior to taking the leap into the freelance world, I read an amazing book by Jen Sincero called “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”. It’s a book I’ll pick up time and time again and one I’d highly recommend for all the ‘badass’ business women out there

What tips or advice would you give to any female considering becoming a freelancer?

Just go for it. You can spend days, weeks, months, and even years thinking about it and planning it all out, but you’re not actually getting anywhere. I was terrified when I first made the leap. I had no idea if I’d be able to support myself financially, if it would work, if I’d be able to complete my first tax return etc. etc. But now I look back and it’s all just a distant memory, worth any moment of worry – only I wish I hadn’t worried so much! And most of all, look out for yourself. Because ultimately that’s who you’ll be with for the rest of your life and you need to do what makes you happy.