Announcing our IDEA2LAUNCH Program 2021

We’re excited to launch our IDEA2LAUNCH, a virtual pre-startup program for aspiring female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to develop a business idea into a viable business. The program enables participants to turn their ideas, hobbies or skills into a viable business using practical tools and resources via our online portal.

Being a virtual pre-startup program it will allow us to reach out to a wider community of women across the UK thereby enabling them to start their businesses wherever they are and whenever it suits them. Our program is quite flexible in nature thereby making it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs such as parents and those with caring needs or have any other limitation to join the program from wherever they are based.

Our goal is to support and provide aspiring female entrepreneurs, start-ups and women-owned businesses with access to essential business resources that enable them to launch, manage and grow their businesses.. IDEA2LAUNCH program is Untapped FR’s flagship program for aspiring female entrepreneurs to develop their business idea into a viable business. This will be an ongoing program that enables will allow women to take part in both offline and online environment.

The program was created in order to empower aspiring female entrepreneurs and business women by giving them the opportunity to validate their business ideas then move on to start up their own viable business venture.

Application for the first cohort is currently open and the program will be starting at the end of January 2021.

If you would like further information on the program or would like to register your interest please feel free to complete the form here.