Meet the Entrepreneur: Hannah Samano, founder and CEO of Unfabled, a feminine cycle care marketplace.

Menstrual care is about so much more than buying tampons. Period.

Unfortunately, if you’re someone who menstruates, you’ll probably have experienced the physical side effects that often come hand in hand with periods. Of course addressing the bleeding itself isn’t enough for us to handle (!) there can also be bloating, mood swings, tender breasts, cramping, nausea, headaches – the list, sadly, goes on.

And the symptoms can be quite terrible. A recent survey carried out by Blood Good Period and Fever suggested that 59% of its participants have a negative experience with their periods and 73% of them struggle to do their work because of it.

In a world where mainstream menstrual brands are garish and where sterile supermarket aisles labelled ‘feminine hygiene’ are often situated next to the pet food aisle, purchasing menstrual products just doesn’t make us feel good.

Introducing Unfabled. the first ecommerce marketplace for menstrual wellbeing.

This unique and altogether brilliant platform was founded by Hannah Samano who has one mission – to change how people think about and shop for their periods and to redefine wellness – adding menstrual health to its core.

“I founded Unfabled because I want to see a world where our self esteem is not negatively affected by our periods. We’ve got enough to think about already. For me this starts by changing how we think about and purchase products for our menstrual self-care. By centering menstruation at the heart of how we build our wellness rituals. By building the first shop for period wellness,” says CEO and Founder, Hannah Samano.

Instead of simply purchasing tampons from the supermarket, the platform contains all the things you could possibly need during your cycle in one, easy to navigate, place. What’s more, by shopping with Unfabled you’re supporting independent, women-owned businesses and looking after the planet because all of the products are sustainable, ethically sourced and natural.

“We were stunned when we started to learn some of the facts around mainstream period products. Here are a few: typical menstrual pads contain up to 90% plastic. A box of pads contains as much plastic as 5 plastic bags. 2 billion period products are flushed down British toilets each year. Menstrual products are the 5th most common products found on European beaches. Single-use tampon applicators can take 500 years to break down.”

Hannah started her career at Unilever and worked in tech teams across the business. She spent time in VC at Unilever Ventures, before moving into Global E-commerce Innovation where she launched Unilever’s first in-house DTC brand. She left Unilever in 2018 and moved to Kenya to head up Product and launch an African Femtech company, Kasha (e-commerce for women’s health and personal care in emerging markets).  This year she has been nominated as the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year and Businesswoman of the Year, and is passionate about technology and women’s health & wellness.

For further details visit Unfabled website.

Submitted by Sophie Attwood.