Meet the Entrepreneur: Laura Konst, founder of the brand Tali & Loz – Ethically Sourced and Handmade Crystals.

Tali & Loz is a small business run by Laura Konst (MCMA), CMA certified Crystal and Chakra Healer. Here she shares with us her entrepreneurial journey which started during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and whilst on furlough. From losing her job, her childhood passion in crystals and spirituality, to taking the opportunity and brave leap into starting her own business and crystal brand inspired by conscious and spiritual living, based in London, UK.

How did your interest in crystals come about?

I have been attracted to crystals, lunar living and overall spirituality since I was little. My mum introduced me to them, but in the 90’s and 2000’s in a small town in The Netherlands, it wasn’t something you talked about openly. So, we kept it between ourselves, and a select few of my mum’s friends. Unfortunately, during my teens and early twenties I lost touch with this interest (and myself I’d say), although I always kept track of the moon’s cycle! But when I moved to London, in 2013, I worked in an environment with others who shared those interests, and straight away it sparked my love for crystals again. It was meant to be!

Moving forward to 2018 I started to suffer from anxiety attacks, but wanting to avoid medication, I managed them with meditation, yoga and crystals. At the time I was going through IVF with my husband who was developing cold feet, and a divorce unfortunately followed.

How did you turn your love for crystals in a viable business venture?

A couple of days into the first Covid-19 lockdown, I was furloughed, and filled my time studying topics close to my heart, keen to develop myself. Soon afterwards, I lost my job due to the pandemic, and slowly but surely it became clear that having my own business was the way forward. But what was to be the focus? It took a good couple of months before I realised, the answer was literally right under my nose! My passion, my crystal saviours, my spiritual beliefs, and my life experience so far. They could all come together and allow me to help other people.
September 27th 2020, I launched the Tali & Loz website and from the beginning the support I received from those around me and the growing Tali & Loz Tribe has humbled me so much.! Right up until today I have great friends who are helping me build Tali & Loz and I could not do it without them.

In the meantime, I have received my CMA crystal healer certification and keep studying for a variety of spiritual support courses so that when the world is ‘back to normal’ I can also physically support others, with the help of my crystal saviours.

Tell us more about your brand Tali & Loz

Tali & Loz is an online based store where you can find ethically sourced, pure energy and wonderful vibrational crystals, sage cleansing sticks and handmade crystal candles, all of which can support you in your crystal healing journey, or of course be given as thoughtful gifts. I first and foremost care about the ethical and environmental side of the unearthing of crystals, and my packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. I am also very proud that I donate £1 per sale to help clean up the ocean from plastics and other pollutant waste.

I know my direct sources and where the crystal come from so I have a very short supply line. I am currently following multiple courses including coaching to help others to bring the best out in themselves. My wish is that every person can be who they want to be and that they are comfortable, peaceful and confident in their own skin. If I can help one person to achieve this, then my hard work is paying off.

All my crystals receive a sage cleansing bath and are charged in the full moon so they are ready to be used straight away. Arriving in gorgeous recycled packaging with an information card, you and those lucky enough to receive them as a gift, will always know how to use these beauties.

What does being a female entrepreneur mean to you?

I am convinced that women more than men, are unfortunately often scared of taking huge leaps of faith, the fear of failure overriding any belief they might have in their chance of success..
In my case, not having a steady income, apart from some freelance work on the side, and living mostly on savings in central London, is daunting indeed. But I am currently single, so with little other distraction I feel if I can put all my energy and a lot of time in building the business of my dreams, it will pay off.

What challenges and obstacles do you face as a female entrepreneur?

For me it is mostly outside influence that can be challenging, especially at times when I am suffering from my own self doubt. I feel sometimes I am underestimated, especially when I speak about my future plans which are very ambitious, but I see that as a positive. People will look at me with disbelief, or even comment that the chances of me reaching those goals are very slim, if not impossible.

People ask: ‘what will happen when you have children, who is going to look after the business? I can bet no man is ever asked that question! Someone even once asked me how I would cope if it went wrong, without a partner to fall back on. That kind of narrow-minded, old-fashioned thinking, didn’t even merit a response…

What has been your success story so far?

Having launched nine months ago, my highlights have tended to be all about the ‘firsts’. They have given me the boost to continue – reaching the first 100 sales, first 1000 and 2000 Instagram followers, all organically. The first time I featured on a podcast and, on the radio, when articles and blogs on other websites about Tali & Loz were published, a first Instagram live sale where we had great sales, are all the kind of moments that make me feel like I am one step closer to my goals.

Then overall is the number of skills I have learned since I was furloughed in March 2020, from learning digital marketing and, how to set up a website, to photography and everything else in between, has been a huge achievement. Before this journey, I wasn’t into social media at all, I didn’t even know how to repost. So learning much more complicated tasks like SEO, basic coding, setting up ads etc, has been very satisfying highlight.

Currently I am on the cusp of expanding the business which is a roller-coaster ride, both exciting and daunting at the same time. I am working on a course to teach others about crystal healing and making a business plan for a physical shop.

Which other female entrepreneur or woman-owned business can you recommend?

Flow of light. Run by Becky and Basia reiki masters and great spiritual minds! Astrologer Jev, she does fantastic karmic astrology readings.

What top tips can you give to aspiring and other female entrepreneurs?

  • Trust your gut! You will get negative comments, you will find others not taking you seriously, but you know what you know.
  • Don’t see fall backs or miscalculations as failure. My motto ‘I never lose, I win or learn, no matter how hard I fall’.
  • Have a plan but be flexible about adjusting it. People say ‘stick to your original plan’, but you need to be willing to smarten it up, and you will create clearer visions and create opportunities. Test, try and learn;, if it doesn’t work, move on.
  • Do not get emotionally attached to products or creations. Yes, I have learned this first-hand., I was certain a specific product would sell a lot, as to this day I think the designs we created were brilliant, but guess what…it didn’t. I tried to push it and push it. Nothing, nobody cared. It was just lingering on my website, so a month ago I said goodbye to this product. Perhaps something for the future or just a hard lesson learned.

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