Meet the Entrepreneur: Anna Waterfield, Founder of a plant subscription service Plant Pet Club.

Anna Waterfield launched Plant Pet Club, an indoor plant subscription box brand for absolute beginners and busy people, who would love to get into planting. Here we chat to Anna to hear more about her entrepreneurial journey as well as her passion to help people take care of their indoor plants.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey

I have been an aspiring entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. The desire to create and build something from scratch was coming and going all the way through my university years and number of full-time jobs in corporate world. But at the end of last year, I finally took a plunge and registered a limited company! No, I did not start with research, business plan and 6-months pre-launch campaign. It was impulsive, messy and absolutely worth it!

Tell us more about Plant Pet Club and how it work?

Plant Pet Club is a revolutionary service that has much better aims than just making business. It is a well-researched indoor plant subscription service designed as a programme to build one’s confidence in plant care and to connect humans with the plants which are great for their wellbeing! The subscription takes customer through different levels of plant care and is supported with all the tools, tips, and aftercare. Suitable for both planting newbies and enthusiasts who want to grow their indoor jungle. A lot of our customers are busy urban dwellers and complete beginners, who might be catching the green bug from vibrant Instagram posts promoting love to plants and their extensive benefits to health. Our goal is to make the experience of being a plant parent as wonderful as plants themselves.

What does being a female entrepreneur mean to you?

I am relatively new to all this balancing, as my little boy is only 3 years old now. Being your own boss comes with its advantages and challenges. I intentionally opted for the subscription business model for the business. The plan is to keep operations simple.

What has been your success story so far?

Our first order gave me the highest high! And then making it again and again makes you believe that you can do anything. This is what business is all about: you sell one thing once to one person and repeat…

What are your top tips that you can share with others?

For those who are thinking about starting out, I can give only one piece of advice – done is better than perfect! Someone will always be bigger and better than you, so concentrate on your product, target market and strategy. Launch, gain feedback and pivot. Building the business is a journey, not a perfect thing once it launches.
It is hard to start any new venture, juggling all the priorities and becoming master of all trades in order to keep the costs down. It won’t happen overnight, but It is all worth it in the end!

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