Meet the entrepreneur: Joanne Moorhouse, Owner of Joanne Moorhouse Brand Photographer

Joanne Moorhouse Brand Photographer opened its doors in 2019, specialising in brand photography helping passionate female entrepreneurs and professionals show off their products or services as authentically as possible.

Photography has been a huge passion of Joanne’s for as long as she can remember. In fact, she started out capturing memories of family, friends, animals, and places whilst living in America as just a child. She then transitioned into capturing portraiture and travel photography, before moving back to England in 2011. After working for a range of employers, Joanna finally took the plunge into opening her own photography business – and what a ride it’s been.

Serving the UK and beyond, Joanne provides both traditional in-person and virtual branding photography, graphic design assistance, and brand clarity consultations. She is passionate about producing images that truly represent her customers and as such, takes the time to truly get to know each individual and their business, as well as their goals, dreams, and ethos. As well as being an award-winning photographer, she also has a degree in visual communications which really aids her clients to stand out from the crowd and showcase their brand message effectively.

From jewellery designers to business strategists, artists to coaches, Joanne has worked with a wide variety of interesting clients, showcasing their personalities through the lens. She helps both those who are just starting out and want to launch their new business with a bang, or those who are ready-to-go in their industry and need a bespoke library to match.

Ordinarily, Joanne has been offering in-person and travel photoshoots, depending on the client’s requirements and location – but 2020 and beyond, as we all know, has been very different. Unable to leave our homes for extended periods of time, the photography industry has been hard hit. But with the idea from her fabulous photo mentor, Joanne came up with a solution: Virtual photography sessions.

New York virtual photoshoot

Joanne knew she needed to find a way to continue to offer her photoshoots so clients could remain visible at a time when it’s even more critical to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. The constant lockdowns and health and safety concerns meant that Joanne needed to come up with an idea that would work for everyone – and this is where virtual photography truly shines. Not only do they allow the client to have a photoshoot regardless of current restrictions, but it also keeps everyone safe because no-one is meeting up in person. With a bit of learning and practice to feel confident offering the service, it has proved to be a great experience for all involved.

All the client needs is strong Wi-Fi and a decent camera phone – and Joanne takes care of the rest. She ‘meets up’ virtually via the client’s mobile phone and her computer to capture their photographs remotely and is able to control the phone camera with her professional eye, with no travel time, and no added expense for location fees. Simply photographs captured wherever the client may be (whether that’s the UK or abroad), with everyday items that most of us have access to. Genius!

For Joanne, her clients have been blown away – and it has provided her with an ideal way to build up her international portfolio without leaving her hometown. 2020 also saw her receive a Runner up Creative Business Award from the Women’s Business Club, UK – another outstanding achievement given the times we are all going through.

To find out more about Joanne’s services, visit: Joanne Moorhouse Photography