Meet female business owners, Jayne Reah and Helen Cottrill – Executive coaches and Founders of ‘The Work Happy Initiative’

Jayne and Helen first met in the summer of 2020 after embarking on the same coaching course together. After completing the course and setting up their own respective coaching practices, the two decided to come together in January 2021 to form their joint business venture called ‘The Work Happy Initiative.’ Their very different stories share a crucial element – they’ve both made a bold choice to make a big change and pursue jobs that make them happy.

To give a little background, Jayne has a BSc in Psychology and spent 10 years in leadership roles prior to becoming a certified coach and consultant. In 2020, she said goodbye to her London commute and a career spanning 20 years in the marketing and communications industry, instead pursuing a course that would change her life. And with that, lockdown 2.0 saw Jayne launch her very own coaching and consulting practice.

Helen has an MA in Leadership and Education as well as almost 10 years’ experience in public and third sector leadership development. After spending 9 months on maternity leave, Helen decided not to return to her job overseeing coaching within leadership programmes and instead translate her passion for coaching to launch her own practice. And that’s exactly what she did.

Both Jayne and Helen knew they wanted to work in a way that worked well within their home environments, allowing them the flexibility to spend time with their families, and to work in a way that would bring them joy.

‘Work happy’ is about creating a work life that makes you smile, aligns with your values, and allows you to be yourself. With most of us spending around a third of our lives at work, Helen and Jayne believe you should enjoy what you do, and how you do it. Now more than ever, we’re weighing up our priorities, shifting our perspectives, and considering how work fits into our lives. And that’s how ‘The Work Happy Initiative’ was born – to help people achieve a happier work life.

By providing workshops, 1-2-1, and group coaching, ‘The Work Happy Initiative’ helps both groups and individuals gain clarity and vision, and to navigate their own pathway to Work Happy. And most excitingly, Jayne and Helen are launching a free ‘Careering into Change’ coaching group to help professionals make the change they need to find happiness at work.

The group aims to support those professionals that know they need to make a change but are struggling to know where to start. As well as sharing their coaching expertise and approaches, Jayne and Helen will also draw on their own stories, as well as invite others into the group to talk about their career changes. The aim is to create a community for members to connect, as well as to share thinking and stories with like-minded professionals.

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