Program Overview

Pilot Cohort: April 2021

IDEA2LAUNCH is a hands-on, action-based and methodological pre-startup program aimed mainly at aspiring female entrepreneurs and founders to enable them determine whether their business ideas are worth pursuing further or turning into a viable business.

Topics covered in the program

1. Assessing your entrepreneurial potential

Testing your entrepreneurial potential including carrying out your entrepreneurial self-assessment.

2. Exploring your idea

Narrowing down your idea and knowing what to focus on including idea generation and the use of problem-solution approach.

3. Assessing your idea

Determine whether your idea is worth pursuing further or turning into a viable business by assessing its feasibility.

4. Validating your idea

Testing your idea and concept in the real world.

5. Developing your business model

Using action-based, hands-on and methodological approach to developing your business idea.

6. Naming and branding your business

The importance of naming and branding your new business and how that makes you stand out from your competitors.

7. Registering your business

Legalising and structuring your business including choosing your business structure, opening a business bank account and bookkeeping and accounting.

8. Funding your business

Exploring various funding options for your new business including, revenue, bootstrapping, debt finance, equity, crowdfunding, angels, government backed and grants.

Demo events for 2021 cohorts

These virtual events will be held quarterly and will give participants who successfully complete our program to showcase their business to our wider networks. Details to follow.