What is IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup Program?

IDEA2LAUNCH is an action-based and hands-on pre-startup program aimed mainly at ambitious and aspiring female entrepreneurs and founders looking to start their own business and to enable them determine whether their business ideas are worth pursuing further or turning into a viable business.

Why was the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program created?

Women across the UK (and worldwide) do come up with innovative business ideas and skills that they either not utilise or explore further in the real market due to lack of essential resources such as access to learning, industry contacts, networks and funding. Our IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-startup program enables them to launch their own businesses by providing them with entrepreneurial skills needed to move their businesses from idea to launch stage.

How long does the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program take?

The IDEA2LAUNCH is an 8 week Pre-startup program that combines both online and offline participation with the pilot program starting in the second half of 2021. Our action-based and hands-on program enables participants to explore and assess their business ideas. It involves working through and completing easy to follow tasks and activities at your own pace both online and offline. It helps you to determine whether your business idea is worth pursuing further or turning into a viable business. At the end of the program you will have produced a workable action plan that you can use to start your business or develop your business further. You can work through the program whenever you want and if you need to take a break or leave it for later, your work or tasks will automatically be saved so that you can come back to it later and continue.

What does the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program involve?

The IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program enables participants to explore their business ideas, skills or hobbies further, test and validate their idea and determine whether it’s worth pursuing further or turning into a viable business. At the end of the program the participants can then decide to either start their own business or develop their business idea further. Our IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program’s main focus is on enabling aspiring female entrepreneurs to test and validate their business ideas, products or services commercially to evaluate their market potential in the real world.

How is the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program delivered?

Our program is a self-guided as well as a group program (coming soon) and is delivered both online and offline. Our program was designed to be an online program to enable participants to take part from wherever they are! Our program will provide great advantage and opportunities to many aspiring female entrepreneurs particularly during these unprecedented times.

Is the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program any different from accelerator programs?

Our IDEA2LAUNCHPre-Startup program is different from many accelerator programs in that it does not only take on women with tech startup ideas or high growth business ideas. We support any ambitious and aspiring female entrepreneurs and founders as long as they have a valid business idea that they would like to turn into a viable product, service or business.

How much does it cost to participate in the program?

Our pilot program is a fully sponsored program and hopes to admit 10 carefully selected participants in our first cohort. Our aim is to secure further funding and sponsorships for further participants and offer either partly or fully sponsored places in the future. We will keep you updated! Where this is not possible we will be introducing a participation fee for all future participants.


Who can participate in the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program?

As we launch our first cohort, we are looking for ambitious and aspiring female entrepreneurs and founders who we feel can benefit more from this program. As such we are on the look out for women who are thinking about working for themselves, starting their own business or have identified a problem that they would like to solve or turn into a business venture.

What happens after registration

Your IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-startup Program pack will be posted to you in advance. The pack contains a Guidebook and Workbook. There’s also other additional resources.

Private Group Forum

You will also have the opportunity to join our private group where you have the opportunity to connect and share your experiences.

Who do you refer to as an ‘aspiring female entrepreneur or founder’?

An aspiring female entrepreneur or founder can be any woman looking to turn their valid idea, skills or side hustle into a viable business; women who are already in business and have a new product or service; as well as professionals, parents, graduates and students looking to work for themselves.

Can we apply as co-founders or as a team?

Yes. You can apply as co-founders or as a team. Please note that you will need to appoint up to two lead female team members to participate or take the lead role.

What type of business ideas are you looking for from participants?

Our IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program is for aspiring female entrepreneurs and founders with any valid idea that can be turned into a viable business venture. This can be a product or service-based idea. Ideas can be from any of these markets which include (but not limited) to health, healthcare, family and parenting, ageing population, education, future of work and living, conscious and sustainable consumption, beauty and well-being, information technology, finance, communication, utilities etc.

Does Untapped FR make any investment in the program participants’ businesses?

No. Our IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program is run purely as a pre-startup program. We do not currently make or offer any investment.

What can I expect to get out of the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program?

All IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program participants would have worked through their business idea including developing their business model, done their prototyping and proof of concept, tested their business viability, learned about business registration, accounting and book-keeping, banking and funding options available to them to help kickstart their business venture.

What happens at the end of the program

At the end of the course all participants will continue to receive on-going regular support and follow-up resources. There’s also an opportunity for some participants to participate in other accelerator and entrepreneurial programs as well as take part in investment ready programs and pitch events.

Any other questions?

Please email us at [email protected] with subject line ‘IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup’ and we will get back to you as soon as we can.