Industry and networking groups for female entrepreneurs across the UK

One of the major challenge for many female entrepreneurs when they are starting, managing or growing their business ventures is the lack of access to networking and industry support. However, there are many various networking and support groups across the UK that offer entrepreneurial support to business women looking for business support at various stages of their business ventures.

Here at Untapped FR we managed to come up with a short list of some of the well-known networking and support groups for female entrepreneurs in the UK. We also have a comprehensive list of networking and support groups for those looking to find out more.

Women in Business Network

WIBN is a networking organisation for women in business in the UK. The network is a membership organisation for women and offers business women a forum to network their business and meet like-minded individuals. The organisation welcomes business owners,

employees, freelancers as well as sole traders. WIBN’s strength is through their diversity and they support all types of businesses and business women from various fields.

WIBN operates a one profession per group policy to ensure that each member is given the very best targeted help from the other members of their group.

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Prowess is a membership network of organisations that deliver women-friendly business start-up support across the United Kingdom. They offer support for women in business, female entrepreneurs and start-ups. The also offer resources, events, networking and articles to help women in business to flourish.

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The Entrepreneurs Network

The Entrepreneurs Network is a think tank for the ambitious owners of Britain’s fastest growing businesses and aspirational entrepreneurs. The network supports entrepreneurs by producing cutting-edge research into the best policies to support entrepreneurship; campaigning for policy changes that will help entrepreneurship flourish; hosting regular events to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and policymakers; updating entrepreneurs on how policy changes will impact their business; and making the case in the media for entrepreneurs’ contributions to society.

Through research, events and the media, the Entrepreneurs Network bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and policymakers to help make Britain the best place in the world to start and grow a business.

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Female Founders Forum

The Female Founders Forum was set up by The Entrepreneurs Network in partnership with Barclays, to encourage, support and promote female entrepreneurship. The forum seeks to connect some of the UK’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs with those on the cusp of rapid growth.

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Female Entrepreneur Association

Founded by entrepreneur and international bestselling author, Carrie Green, the Female Entrepreneur Association is a platform for ambitious women looking to build wildly successful businesses and turn their ideas and dreams into reality.

The network’s aim is to help women build successful businesses and has over 600,000 members across the globe and from various industries. Membership gives access to a global online community of female founders, courses, and business development training.

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She Means Business

She Means Business (#SheMeansBusiness) is an initiative and Facebook community created by Facebook and Enterprise Nation in the UK. The initiative is designed to inspire and support female entrepreneurs and female led small businesses.

She Means Business is focused on levelling the playing field by ensuring women equal access to tools and networks that will allow their businesses to thrive. She Means Business also seek to celebrate and spotlight women who, despite the additional challenges they face, continue to drive their businesses to success.

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Women Mean Biz

Women Mean Biz is the culmination of years of experience and research, resulting in a focused, empowered and purposeful business forum exclusively for professional and entrepreneurial women. With groups in the South West, including Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Swindon, Cheltenham, Leamington Spa, and Exeter, Women Mean Biz is fast growing and expanding across the UK.

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everywoman is an expert in the advancement of women in business. They provide leading edge products and services designed to enhance the existing potential and talents of women in business globally. Since 1999, The network has developed highly acclaimed events, elevating female role models and high-quality training programmes, helping to shape tomorrow’s leaders and their teams.

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AllBright is the leading career network for women, creating connections through digital and physical spaces. A community of women brought together by ambition, AllBright is a platform for women to connect, upskill, and supercharge their careers

The network caters for women looking to build their own businesses, find a mentor, secure a promotion, or even tap into the potential of the metaverse, AllBright provides all the tools you need to achieve your goals.

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Mums/Mom In Business International

Established in 2020, Mums/Mom In Business International is a support network for mums in business, hosting child-friendly networking events globally for over 300k women and mums. The network also provides education for mums and women who want to grow their businesses.

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A vibrant network of female founders and partners who share the passion to accelerate the growth, visibility and backing of talented female business founders and leaders. AccelerateHER main purpose is to accelerate growth for female founders to scale companies, access investment & be visible to inspire others.

AccelerateHER is the sister organisation of Investing Women Angels, an active and vibrant female-led angel investment syndicate whose focus is on building women’s involvement in investing.

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The above networking and support groups are some of the many networks available for female entrepreneurs across the UK. Please be aware that this is a non-conclusive list as there many more groups and organisations nationwide. However, if you know of any relevant networks and groups that are not mentioned here please do let us know and we will add them to our long list.

Womens inspire network

A network for dynamic, entrepreneurial women who get things done. Supportive and friendly.

“We created the Women’s Inspire Network to offer real support to Female Entrepreneurs who are busy building their empires because we see there is a need to have a safe environment where you can ask questions and offer practical and emotional support to you if you need it.”

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