Meet the Entrepreneur: Tina Lipfriend, founder of BagButler.

Tina Lipfriend launched BagButler, a luxury handbag and accessory brand which offers subscription and rental services to enable customers enjoy the brands they love, in a fun and sustainable way while at the same time offering luxury bags and accessories at a fraction of the retail price.

We had the opportunity to feature Tina to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey and her luxury handbag and and accessory brand.

Founded in 2019 by self-confessed handbag lover and former antique store owner Tina Lipfriend, BagButler stocks only the world’s most luxurious brands, including bags and accessories from the likes of Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton.

“As consumers, we rent property, cars, and even wedding outfits, so why not handbags and accessories?” Lipfriend explained.

BagButler has curated a selection of the finest luxury designer handbags and accessories, perfect to rent for a range of occasions, giving customers the opportunity to add to their look, for only a fraction of the price of owning one of these items.

There are over 60 pieces available to rent, all purchased new from corporate stores in either London or Paris, as well as a special ‘Vintage Collection’ of jewellery with items from vintage jewellery experts in the UK.

The brand’s ethos is to create a community of customers who appreciate the craftsmanship of designer products coupled with the necessity for a more sustainable consumption model.

Subscription Service

Moving the business forward, Lipfriend has announced the new subscription service. The first 5 founding members will be offered a discount rate of £395.00 per month.

The service starts with a consultation with Tina Lipfriend, in order to learn the likes and dislikes of the client and to get a sense and impression of which pieces would be appropriate for them to loan.

Run like a traditional personal concierge service, members are able and encouraged to exchange chosen pieces twice a month from rare and hard-to-find items that are no longer available direct from designers themselves.

History of BagButler

Following a life-changing breast cancer diagnosis in 2018, Lipfriend would walk through Bond Street to undergo radiotherapy treatment on Harley Street. It was here she created the BagButler brand and she invested in a bag each time she visited London and had treatment.

As a result of her battle with cancer, BagButler now works with non-profit organisation Against Breast Cancer, offering customers the opportunity to send in any bras they no longer wear, when they return their designer bags, with these then donated to the charity.

“I have a desire to raise awareness about the impact of fashion on the environment, whilst also helping a cause close to my heart,” adds Lipfriend.

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Submitted By Amanda Ferrari