Meet the Entrepreneur: Monique Thomas, founder of a jewellery brand Be The Other.

Be The Other is a handcrafted jewellery label by British designer, Monique Thomas. After a personal need to source jewellery with diversity, Monique was inspired to design her own collection. She wanted to ensure that each piece was designed to be a work of art, celebrating creativity, aligning with one’s personal style and express original, imaginative possibilities with flair.

Brooches have been Monique’s favourite jewellery item and she was extremely motivated to showcase her creations, and of course to start a renaissance. The coveted brand creates handmade, design-led brooches that enhance and reflect the customer’s style. With so many elegant and exciting ways to wear a brooch, Monique allows the wearer to experiment and be creative with their individuality, as she truly believes it’s something essential to everyone and is worth celebrating.

Monique has always been a strong believer that brooches are an excellent way to enhance your personal style and the perfect final piece to complete your outfit. It’s incredibly important to Monique that Be The Other brooches empowers, uplifts and creates balance.

Monique inspires every individual to embrace their differences, encouraging them to be themselves and embrace their creativity.

Be The Other brooches are handmade with love and care, so that each piece is as special as you are.”

Monique receives immense gratification and pride to see customers expressing their individuality. It is essential to her ethos to prompt and remind each individual of their own power and creativity, as this plays a major part in her own journey to self-expression and empowerment.

The debut collection entitled ‘Uncommon Matters’, features a modern range of gold and silver brooches. Influenced by geometric shapes and the organic style alongside forms created using ceramic art, they provide the perfect prominent look that push the boundaries of traditional fashion accessories.

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Submitted by Amanda Ferrari.