Meet the Entrepreneur: Michelle Rust, founder of an alternative and holistic premium brand Potyque CBD oil.

Submitted by Cath Couzens

We’ve had the opportunity of featuring Michelle to talk about her own experience with CBD oil as well as her journey from working for a pharmaceutical company to the world of entrepreneurship.

What led you to become an entrepreneur?

In 2014, after 20+ years in the pharmaceutical industry, a chance to take voluntary redundancy from the company I was working for at the time came my way. The opportunity was too good to turn down and I decided to take the leap and start my own business. Trying something new, something which I could control and reap the rewards of for myself and the family as I craved a work-life balance. In my later years in the industry, I was increasingly away from home and I missed too many milestones with our two young children.

I formed my consultancy business and bought a franchise called insight6 where I partner with leading businesses in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, gaining insights to drive increased revenue through better customer experiences. I coach, train and mentor key members of staff in the many businesses that I work with across numerous sectors, whilst also having the support of the insight6 brand.

How did the idea of Potyque CBD oil come about?

Coming from a background in pharmaceuticals, I have always had a deep-rooted interest in anything to do with medicine, supplements and new treatments, so when in my early 40s I started to go through the menopause, I knew I wanted to take a more natural, non-invasive approach in managing my symptoms. At that time, more and more information was becoming available regarding the possible benefits of CBD oil and I became intrigued as to how it works and the different types available on the market. The market was becoming quite busy, but I wasn’t satisfied with any I tried, but believed passionately about the need to create a premium CBD oil to provide much needed trust in an unregulated market, as such, Potyque was born.

Tell us more about your brand Potyque CBD oil. What is it all about?

Once you delve into the world of CBD, it is fascinating how the plant can create such varied responses in each individual and how your own endocannabinoid system (we all have one) can respond to the oil components. Potyque is a premium brand of natural CBD, based on honesty and integrity and using only the finest extraction processes. We massively underestimate the power of plants, especially when you consider how so many pharmaceuticals are derived from natural products. The next steps for us at Potyque are to help as many people understand how CBD oil can help, understand how to choose the right oil for them and ultimately gain benefit from Potyque.

What does being a female entrepreneur mean to you?

I don’t distinguish between male or female entrepreneurs, we both have a place in the industries and businesses we run. My most important day job remains to be a mum to Isabella and Charlie – our two children, and the desire to not miss out on them growing up. I compromise a lot of my time and often make up work missed in the day for long evenings and sometimes weekends- not atypical for most Women in Business and I’m definitely not complaining.

What challenges or obstacles have you faced as a result of being an entrepreneur?

The challenges and obstacles are all part of the learning curve in any business. It takes time to get into your flow and confidently share your story with others. I think I approach challenges with a level head and try to break the problem down into bite-size manageable chunks. There is no point in worrying about things outside of my control, but I do always try to do the best I can.

What has been your success story so far?

Potyque was voted ‘Indy Best Buy’ this month, I think that’s very worthy of my highlight. The feedback of how we have helped the independent reviewers and the reasons why we won makes all of the hard work worth it – we were so excited we even had a little celebratory drink (on a school night too!!)

Which other business entrepreneur would you recommend?

Kavita Oberoi OBE. I have known Kavita for a number of years through the pharmaceutical industry and we formed a friendship relatively quickly. Kavita mentored me (pre-Covid) and despite being so incredibly busy with her own businesses, Kavita always made time for me. Kavita owns the Oberoi Business Hub which has been expanding massively in recent years and also owns Oberoi Consulting which provides services into the pharmaceutical industry and to the NHS.

What tips or advice would you give to any female considering becoming an entrepreneur?

1. Do something you are good at – you are more likely to succeed and be happy
2. Believe in yourself
3. Tenacity is a valuable skill – you may well face many setbacks, having the ability to pick yourself up and keep going will ultimately drive you forward
4. Be kind and genuine – fake people are so obvious! People will never forget how you made them feel
5. Never be afraid to ask for help regardless of how silly you think the request or the question is – it shows your humility

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