Part 1: Ways you can help support female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses.

In this series we are going to look at 20 ways in which individuals, businesses and organisations can support women-owned businesses across the UK. This week we take a look at four of the ways that you can support them and these include offering coaching or mentorship, investing in a female entrepreneur, hiring a female entrepreneur or specialist and partnering with them.

Offer coaching or mentorship to female entrepreneurs

Aspiring female entrepreneurs and business owners are always in need of advise, support and guidance when starting or running their own businesses. Why not offer your skills and professional expertise such as mentoring, coaching and counselling to women who are navigating the world of entrepreneurship.

Invest in a female entrepreneur or their business

One of the main challenges that female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses face when starting up their business is the lack of startup capital or funding. Therefore if more women could secure enough funding to turn their ideas into viable businesses they would grow and scale up more successfully. So if you are an individual, business or organisation with financial capability to support women businesses you can do so through investing in their startup or business.

Hire a female entrepreneur or specialist

There are many female freelancers and independent professionals with proven skills, experience and expertise across the UK who offer specialised services to other businesses and organisations. Why not consider hiring from this pool of women who offer affordable and flexible specialised services.

Partner with a female entrepreneur or a woman-led business

Partnerships are critical for many businesses particularly micro and SMEs as they add value and credibility to these businesses. Therefore it’s crucial that women-owned businesses are supported through such partnerships. All you need to do is find a female entrepreneur whose business align with yours and see how you might both benefit from such a partnership.

Whenever you support any of the female entrepreneurs or women-owned businesses in any of the above ways please remember to also share this article with others.

Here at Untapped FR we are always seeking to work, collaborate and partner with entrepreneurs, individual, businesses as well as organisations whose work and activities align with our and that’s enabling women to access essential business support, tools and resources that they need to start up and grow their business ventures.