What We Do

Our THREE Key Activities


Through our Virtual Hub we provide female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses with access to essential business support such as business advise, legal, accounting, finance, insurance, banking and relevant training. We also provide access to networking, industry experts as well as funding and investment.

So if you are a female entrepreneur, business start-up or scale-up or an organisation and are in need of essential business support such as accounting, book keeping, insurance and legal, marketing, business banking, registered office, company formation, virtual office, and utilities or would like to reach out to our wider entrepreneurial network, then please get in touch with us on [email protected] stating ‘Business Support’ as your email subject.
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Through our Pre-Start-up Program we offer our (IDEA2LAUNCH) Pre-Startup program. This is an action-based and hands-on program aimed mainly at aspiring entrepreneurs to enable them to test and validate their business ideas. We provide useful hand-on resources and practical tools for those looking to start their own businesses or working for themselves. These include aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to turn their hobby or passion into a valid and viable venture, those in the early stages of business who would like to develop their business idea further as well as female professionals looking to use their skills to become independent professionals or self-employed.

So if you are an aspiring female entrepreneur, business start-up or scale-up or an organisation with a brilliant business idea, hobby or skills that you would like to turn into a business please sign up and register your ‘Expression of Interest’. Our program is due to start in a few weeks time.
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Through our curated and dedicated SWOB DIRECTORY, we help female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses across the UK to showcase their products and services businesses and raise visibility of their businesses.

If you are a female entrepreneur or a woman-owned business looking for ways to showcase your business, products or services and increase visibility of your business, get on our curated SWOB Directory and take advantage of our FREE listing opportunity that can help you and your business during these unprecedented times.
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