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We’re always looking for inspiring stories and content submissions from carefully selected contributors hence if you have an inspiring story or feature relating to entrepreneurship or lifestyle, then we’d love to hear from you!

We accept various types of content for our virtual hub and publications. This includes original content from content writers, news releases, articles and interviews from media outlets and publicists, specialised content from experts and professionals as well as inspirational entrepreneurial stories from female entrepreneurs and businesses.

PR and Communications Contributors

We are always on the look out for inspiring articles, news releases on female entrepreneurs and any other content on entrepreneurship and business that relates to women. We also feature female entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups looking for media exposure for their products and services. We partner with various media outlets such as PR, communications and marketing individuals seeking media exposure for their clients. In return for your article or news release we provide you with a byline (contributor’s name), brief bio as well as a link to your website or work.

If you meet any of the above criteria do get in touch with us. Email us on [email protected] with the subject line ‘Content Submission’.

Content Writers

Untapped FR seeks to work with content contributors who would like to share inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. We also look for content contributors who would like to share articles and news on any business and lifestyle related issues that relate to women. In return for your contribution we provide you with a byline (contributor’s name), brief bio as well as a link to your website or rest of your work.

Female Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring female entrepreneur or business woman with an inspiring entrepreneurial story that you would like to share with the rest of our readers? We are always on the look out for female entrepreneurs to feature on our website and publication.

Untapped FR ‘Entrepreneur Spotlight’ is where female entrepreneurs share stories about entrepreneurship and business. We feature and showcase inspirational female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses, their brands and their entrepreneurial journey, the ups and downs, sharing their successes and their top tips. We also provide them with this space for them to inspire and motivate other female entrepreneurs.

If you are a female entrepreneur and have an inspiring entrepreneurial story to share or interested in being featured, email us your brief intro at [email protected].

Experts and Professionals

As well as featuring female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses, Untapped FR features business and professional experts on a wide range of topics such as essential business support, entrepreneurial skills and training, funding and investment opportunities across the UK and worldwide. These guest experts offer industry and professional advice to those starting or growing their businesses.

Some of these experts also share written content and articles with their clients and reader either on their websites, other websites and blogs.

If you are an expert or professional and looking to share your written work, content, advice or any information with our readers, please do get in touch with us. In return for your contribution we will include a short business or professional bio as well as a link to your website or business.

Entrepreneurs Q & A and Interviews

We’re always on the lookout for engaging and inspirational entrepreneurial stories to feature on our virtual hub and digital publications. If you, or know someone that would like to be featured then please send a short message at [email protected] for consideration.

Content Submission Guideline Summary

  • All submitted content, articles, blogs and contributions must align with our mission and core purpose. The content should be relevant to our audience therefore must be inspiring, motivating, empowering, helpful and supportive and written in an easy to follow and understand format.
  • The article must be your very own and relevant to any of the topics listed below. If you are sharing your already published article please do let us know so that we can credit it accordingly.
  • Content must include stories, knowledge, tips and ideas which are useful to our community of aspiring female entrepreneurs and business owners across the UK.
  • Good use of a mix of articles, images, tips or videos to make content captivating and interesting to read.
  • All content contributions and submissions should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1000 words. Submissions above the maximum word count require our approval in advance.
  • All content must be submitted as a Microsoft Word Doc or in a PDF format. Images can sent as an email attachment or on their own and should either be a PNG or Jpeg image.
  • All your digital videos or motion images should be submitted either as a GIFs or MP4s. It is also advisable to include a link to any of your videos such as those on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • All contributors should include a brief paragraph about themselves and any links to their work, websites or social media. You may also include a picture of yourself but this is not necessary.
  • Untapped FR reserves the right to rewrite some parts, edit, shorten or expand as well as change the title of any article to suit our house style or standard of writing.

Topics we look for include the following:

  • Starting a business
  • Business ideas/tips
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Personal and professional development
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Insurance & Legal
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Business legal structure
  • Sales, Marketing & PR (digital and offline)
  • Virtual/co-working spaces
  • Training and learning for entrepreneurs

and much more..



About Us and Our Mission

Untapped FR (Female Resource) is a Virtual Hub that provides access to entrepreneurial support and resources for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses across the UK. We provide access to resources such as entrepreneurial training, networking, industry experts and contacts, funding sources and investment. Providing female entrepreneurs with access to relevant business resources is our core purpose.

Our mission is to help and support aspiring female entrepreneurs, start-ups and women-owned businesses by providing them with a portal where they can access essential resources and tools that enable them to launch, manage and grow their businesses.