Who We Are


Our mission is to make relevant entrepreneurial resources accessible to female entrepreneurs regardless of their background, income level, knowledge, experience and other factors that hinder them from pursuing their entrepreneurial purpose.

About us

Here at UNTAPPED FR we believe that any woman can start a viable business if they had access relevant resources.

UNTAPPED FR (Female Resource) is a curated resource for female entrepreneurs looking to access relevant entrepreneurial resources such as essential business support, networking, industry experts, funding and investment. We help female entrepreneurs looking to start and grow viable business ventures.

Over the past three years we’ve worked with both aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to start their and female entrepreneurs looking to grow or scale their businesses.

We’ve also featured some inspiring female entrepreneurs from all walks of life on our website in order to inspire and motivate others taking the same leap. We cover some crucial and essential business topics such as starting your own business, mentorship, fundraising and investment, financial advise just to mention a few.

So whether you are looking to access essential business support, entrepreneurial education, mentorship, industry experts, business networks, funding or investment, we can make facilitated introductions and connections.

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey!

The Founder

UNTAPPED FR (Female Resource) was created by Rita Peacock in late 2019 as a curated online resource dedicated to helping aspiring and female entrepreneurs across the UK to start and accelerate their entrepreneurial success by providing them with access to relevant entrepreneurial resources. Over the past 15 years Rita has been working and supporting female entrepreneurs, businesses owners, freelancers and professionals looking to start and accelerate their entrepreneur success. It is for this reason that she uses her expertise, experience and knowledge as well as her own entrepreneurial journey to help others going through the same process or those considering taking the leap.