Who We Are

Our Mission

Untapped FR’s mission is to support aspiring female entrepreneurs across the UK to achieve their entrepreneurial goals by providing them with access to essential entrepreneurial resources.

Our Vision

Untapped FR’s vision is to build a community of successful female entrepreneurs and business leaders who contribute to our entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as the UK economy.

About Us

Untapped FR (Female Resource) is a virtual resource hub dedicated to female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses across the UK. Founded in 2019, we provide a one-stop resource hub for female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses looking to access information on relevant resources and tools such as essential business support, entrepreneurial skills and training opportunities, networking and industry experts, funding and investment opportunities. Providing female entrepreneurs with access to relevant resources and tools is our core purpose.

Our recently launched Untapped FR digital guide serves as an additional resource and tool for aspiring and female entrepreneurs looking to startup and grow their business ventures across the UK.

Our approach is to use engaging story-telling, features and interviews to bring you insightful and inspiring content containing stories from a wide range of people – from female entrepreneurs, founders, business women to industry experts, networking groups funders and investors.

Over the past two years we’ve featured some of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We’ve also covered some of the crucial and essential business topics such as business support and advice, entrepreneurial training opportunities, networking and expert advice, funding and investment opportunities.

Whether it’s advice or support on setting up a company, tax returns, how to protect your business, opening a business account, finding finance for your business or looking for investors to invest in your business or startup, here at Untapped FR we publish in-depth content with real life features of female entrepreneurs to learn more on they got started, where they are and what their future plans are for their business ventures.

We also showcase the most exciting and amazing brands, products and services from female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses. We feature recommended business resources and tools and also profile some of the inspiring female entrepreneurs across the UK. We also share useful ideas and tips to help female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses thrive.

About the Founder

Untapped FR was founded by Rita Peacock who is also the Author and Creator of the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup Program. She was inspired to create this hub after her own life changing journey from work-life, freelance and now entrepreneurship. Her journey began when she left mainstream work to become a freelancer in media in 2006 following the birth of her son. As a freelancer, she provided media, PR and marketing services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses and it’s through this that she gained first hand experience and insight into the world of entrepreneurship. After a few years of working for herself she moved on to work on a national digital parenting publication managing and editing their hyper local digital publication. It was through this experience that she realised how challenging and time consuming it can be for many women, particularly parents to start up, manage and grow their business ventures and also to get access to essential business support, entrepreneurial skills, networking and experts, funding and investments which are all crucial tools to the success of any entrepreneurial venture. She also discovered that many women had great and innovative business ideas, skills and hobbies that could enable them to start their own businesses. However, the lack of these essential tools and resources prevented them from achieving their entrepreneurial goals. Hence she set up Untapped FR to act as a gateway between female entrepreneurs and the rest of the entrepreneurial ecosystem!

How It All Started – From a digital platform to connect female entrepreneurs and freelancers

Founded at the end of 2019, Untapped FR started as a digital platform whose aim was to connect female freelancers and entrepreneurs who offer business support with businesses looking for service providers to fulfil their business needs. By the beginning of 2020 both the business and freelancing landscape in the UK and the rest of the world faced a major global challenge due Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of this, Untapped FR decided to shift its focus and diversified into offering additional services thereby making changes to our mission and vision. We now focus on being a one-stop hub for aspiring female entrepreneurs, start-ups and women-owned businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.

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