Wellbeing Sisters to launch the UK’s first health and beauty subscription box for every stage of womanhood.

Submitted by Alana Fogarty

This summer, Wellbeing Sisters will launch the UK’s first health and beauty subscription for women at every stage of their journey. Driven by their own experience, the pair felt compelled to share their experience of living a largely natural and toxin-free lifestyle. Reducing their intake of harmful chemicals has had life-changing results for the duo and saw the birth of Natasha’s healthy baby girl in November last year.  

Wellbeing Sisters offers market-tested and bespoke subscription boxes that introduce women to natural alternatives to health & beauty products, all endorsed by experts and backed by extensive research.  Their tailored model allows women to adjust their requirements as they progress through life, offering expert advice and support at every stage.  Health supplements, beauty products and cosmetics are selected by their in-house team, bespoke for each individual and their journey, whether they are just starting out into adulthood, thinking of starting a family, or beyond the menopause.  

Moving towards a toxin-free lifestyle has been monumental for the sisters.  Particularly Natasha, who was driven to find her own route to wellbeing, naturally, on her journey to become a mother.  With a complex diagnosis including polycystic ovaries, chromosome abnormalities, an overactive immune system and endometriosis, Natasha was unable to get pregnant naturally and continued to endure 12 failed medical cycles and 3 cycles of IVF, before she decided to take things into her own hands.  Natasha sought the advice of various wellbeing professionals on how she could improve her fertility health and egg quality, naturally.  Under their direction she changed her diet, began taking select nutritional supplements and chose to move to toxin-free personal, household, health, and beauty products.  With this guidance and support Natasha found herself pregnant around a year later and gave birth to her healthy baby girl in November last year.  You learn a little more about her journey here.  

Wellbeing Sisters, Co-Founder, Natasha Gold on her fertility journey: “This is perhaps the biggest lesson I learned and the story behind Wellbeing Sisters. I’d been through so much treatment – over three quarters of my journey – before I found out about the difference that lifestyle, diet, supplements and toxins could make to my fertile health. These little changes had the power to make the world of difference. I’d always believed I was reasonably fit and healthy, so wasn’t convinced that these changes could really make that much of a difference to super-infertile me. Well, the difference was incredible, and I only wish I had done it sooner.”

Natasha’s experience led both sisters to leave their jobs and design the UK’s first toxin-free health and beauty subscription for every stage of womanhood – due to launch this summer.  Their products are tested extensively and come personally recommended by their in-house health and beauty experts for every stage of womanhood.  

Wellbeing Sisters, Co-Founder, Jessica Conrad-Pickles on the launch of Wellbeing Sisters: “We can’t wait to introduce the Wellbeing Sisters lifestyle to every woman and share all the information and beautiful products we know will help those choosing to make these changes themselves find it a pleasure – not a chore.”

The duo are currently crowdfunding to progress to the next stage of their journey and are looking ahead to launch the new subscription box this summer.

To shop or for further information head over to their website www.wellbeingsisters.com