Untapped FR Guide 2022, a digital resource for female entrepreneurs across the UK is finally OUT!

Starting and operating a business can be the most exciting and yet challenging job for many entrepreneurs, startups and even growing or large organisations as it involves running a lot of business activities in order to keep it moving. Many female entrepreneurs and business owners find it extremely challenging to access certain essential resources and tools such as business advice, entrepreneurial skills and training, business professionals and industry experts, networking groups, funding and investment opportunities. These are some of the fundamental resources that are required for any business to thrive. Hence getting access to these resources is crucial for female entrepreneur to succeed in business.

This is where Untapped FR fits in! We help provide a resource hub for female entrepreneurs across the UK. Our Untapped FR Guide is an additional essential resource and tool for aspiring and female entrepreneurs looking to startup and grow their business ventures.

We’ve compiled some relevant information, resources and tools to help female entrepreneurs and business owners to startup, manage and grow their businesses.

Hope you find our resource hub and guide useful too!

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