Startup Program

Introducing IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup Program

A self-guided pre-startup program to help aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and professionals looking to start their business or working for themselves.

The IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-startup is a self-guided program for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to develop a new business idea, work as a freelancer, launch a product or service or work for themselves. It enables you turn your idea, skills or hobby into a viable business venture.

IDEA2LAUNCH is an action-based and hands-on program aimed mainly at aspiring entrepreneurs to enable them to test and validate their business ideas. It provides useful hands-on resources and practical tools for those looking to start their own business or working for themselves. These include aspiring entrepreneurs looking to turn their hobby or passion into a valid and viable venture, those in the early stages of business who would like to develop their business idea further as well as professionals looking to use their skills to become independent professionals or self-employed.

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Are you an ambitious aspiring entrepreneur, startup or professional looking to turn your idea, skills or hobby into a meaningful and sustainable business? Have you got an idea or side hustle that you would like to turn into a business? Then our IDEA2LAUNCH program is ideal for you!