Pre-Startup Program

Introducing IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup Program

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Empowering a new generation of aspiring female entrepreneurs

IDEA2LAUNCH is a Pre-startup program that provides entrepreneurial skills and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to enable them to start and grow their own business ventures. They provide an action-based and hands-on online and offline pre-startup program to aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone looking to start their own business or work for themselves.

Created for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Founders

Are you an ambitious and aspiring female entrepreneur or business woman looking to turn your idea, skills or hobby into a meaningful and sustainable business? Have you got an idea or side hustle that you would like to turn into a business? Then the IDEA2LAUNCH Pre-Startup program is ideal for you!

About our Female Pre-Startup Program

Through IDEA2LAUNCH Limited we provide a useful resource and practical tools for women looking to start their own business or working for themselves. These include aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea or hobby into a viable business venture, those in the early stages of business who would like to develop their business idea further as well as female professionals looking to use their skills to become independent professionals or self-employed.

Program participants also get access to a library of helpful and time-saving resources and practical tools. Untapped FR will also enable access and connections to relevant professionals and industry experts where participants can learn more about starting their own business.

Our Pre-Startup program focuses solely on aspiring female entrepreneurs and business women looking to launch their new product or service. Therefore the program for anyone new to entrepreneurship, freelancing and/or self-employment.

Registering on the program

To register your interest in the program please email [email protected] with subject line ‘Pre-Startup Program’ and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.