Our Services


We help female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses to build positive relationships with their target audience mainly through exposure and coverage using relevant media channels.


We work with you and come up with strategies that would help you to convey your message about your brand, products and services directly or indirectly to your target audience. Some of the marketing and communication methods that we use include advertising, PR, Media, direct marketing, word-of-mouth, sales promotions events etc.


Every business needs a brand! Branding is one of the vital ingredient of any business – be it a start-up, SME, corporate or an organisation. This is why it is important to have an effective brand strategy that provides a competitive edge for your business and makes you stand out from your competitor and other businesses. Not only does branding separates you from the competitors, it also helps your prospective customers know about your business, name, your story and products and services that you offer. We work with you to develop and come up with an effective brand strategy that provides a competitive edge to your business and makes you stand out from your competitor and other businesses. Our branding service includes graphic and design i.e. logo design, web design, business stationery, marketing materials.


We work with you to establish your business and marketing needs and help create strategies as well as manage your campaign while at the same time supporting you from start to finish i.e. from campaign planning, execution to the actual implementation of your marketing campaign.


Market research is used as part of marketing plan. The information or data collected is used to ensure that businesses and organisations’ offerings continue meeting their customers’ needs. The information collected is also used to anticipate themes and trends in customers’ behaviours, markets and general environment so that strategic measures are developed. We use various methods of market research to conduct and collect qualitative and quantitative data/information e.g. surveys, interviews, questionnaires, focus groups experiments etc.


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the most popular platforms used by both businesses and consumers for communicating, networking, gathering information and socialising. Social Media platforms have increasingly becoming popular and influential in information dissemination, decision-making, trends and behaviour analysis. Therefore entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations are taking advantage of this and use these platforms to market their products and services, increase sales and for promotional and campaigns.

Our social media management services include:

  • Social page account setup
  • Account management
  • Multi social medial platform integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ YouTube etc.)
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics


The most important aspect of marketing communications is information or content. Therefore the need to constantly provide fresh, relevant and informative content is vital. Content creation can also be a time-consuming and difficult task for many – entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

Untapped FR offers content creation services to female entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking for content creation and management. We provide content for websites, blogs, social media, articles, press releases, ad copies, newsletters etc.

For further information on our pricing structure please contact us on [email protected].