Meet the Entrepreneurs Catherine Sullivan and Victoria Pratt, founder of Mama Hug, a post-partum brand and service.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we nurtured new mums the way we nurture new babies? Unfortunately when it comes to post-partum care, mums are so often at the back of the queue. Yes, childbirth is beautiful, but even the most straightforward of deliveries can leave mum feeling battered and bruised”.

It was this thought and a beautiful collaboration between two forward-thinking mums with five children between them and a passion for post-partum maternal care that led the two founders Catherine Sullivan and Victoria Pratt to start Mama Hug, a post-partum gift service and brand for new mums.

Having experienced birth every which way, these two mums, who have been friends since high school, know only too well that when it comes to gifts for new mums, the options are on the slim side.

While both on maternity leave, postpartum chat turned to how their babies seemed to get all the gifts, care and attention, while the focus on them was sorely lacking (‘sore’ being the operative word). If only someone had thought to gift a soothing sitz bath, a gentle perineal spray, a good nipple cream or a decent peri bottle… There and then Mama Hug was born – a premium gift service specialising in postpartum care kits and gifts for new mums.

With a shared vision and multitudes of personal experience in healing post-birth, Victoria and Catherine set about gathering together a range of healthy and safe products, many from small female-led business, just like their own.

According to the two founders everything you’ll find in a Mama Hug postpartum care kit has been selected, tried and tested, and been given a big tick by the Mama Hug team. And the result is something truly special for good friends to gift their new-mama mates.

Catherine and Victoria states that Mama Hug post-partum care kits are different from traditional “push presents and baby shower gifts” as their selection of care kits are designed with one goal in mind – to get mum on the mend!

“We like to think of our care kits as a helping hand for new mums who have just been through what may well be the most physically enduring experience of their lives and anyway, why does baby, who is happiest in a pair of willing arms,

always get the best gifts?”

Catherine and Victoria also say that Mama Hug postpartum care kits really are the ultimate gift for new mums; because what new mamas really want is something that eases their discomfort, helps them heal and a little luxury to remind them that they are still beautiful. Each box will bring joy and relief to every wonderful new mum who is gifted it, and when she receives her Mama Hug care kit, it will feel like she’s being given a big hug. And there’s nothing like a Mama Hug!

Mama Hug customers can choose from a selection of care kits ranging from the Arrival, Survival, which is perfect for natural deliveries, the Caesar Easer, ideal for C-Section mums; and the Bosom Buddy, an essential selection for breastfeeding mamas and much more.

Mama Hug care kits can be purchased at as well as selected stockists such as John Lewis and Jojo Mamane BeBe