Meet the entrepreneur, Becky Lloyd Pack – Owner of Story by Design, a brand messaging coaching business.

Story by Design was launched by Becky Lloyd Pack in March 2020. Focussing on female business owners, Becky helps them to figure out what to say – and more importantly, how to show up online in a way that helps them grown their business with intention.

Born and raised in Southport, Becky embarked on an art foundation course at Winstanley college in Wigan before completing a degree in Computer Animation at Teesside University. She then went on to work in the film industry in London for eight years, working on hugely successful films such as Avengers, Mission Impossible, and Fantastic Beasts 1 & 2, to name but a few.

However, in the Summer of 2018, Becky reached a point where she was no longer satisfied with her life and wanted to do her own thing. And so, she took the brave step to handing in her notice, dusted off her art and tech skills, and began working on her own business building websites and designing brands.

But that wasn’t the end of her story.

Although she enjoyed working for herself, it still wasn’t quite what she wanted to be doing. And so, in March 2020, Becky stopped doing design work and instead transitioned to focus solely on brand messaging. And voila, Story by Design was born.

Becky now helps women work out what to say and how to say it to increase their impact, expand their influence, and make the money they deserve. Her experience has shown that most women don’t have a knowledge problem – they have a communication and visibility problem – and so she focuses squarely on Brand Messaging and Identity.

The Covid-19 pandemic of course arrived immediately after and forced Becky to stop relying on the London networking scene and go all in on building her online presence.

Since then, she hasn’t looked back – and has been fortunate to have an extraordinarily successful 2020. So much so, her and her husband released their ties to London and made the move back to Southport.

2021 looks to be a huge year in terms of business growth and Becky is on track to hit 6-figures – an absolutely incredible feat in the times, and a testament to the way she runs her business. She will also be running her first ever group programme using her signature ‘Master Your Message’ method in March 2021. Here, participants will meet online for 4 sessions in order to help them uncover their unique brand message. They will complete weekly homework which Becky will provide feedback on, and by the end of the 4 sessions, clients will be fully of clarity and equipped with a brand playbook to start making waves!

Becky has proven that no matter where you may be in your career or stage of life, there is always an opportunity to pivot and home in on where your passion truly lies. And a worldwide pandemic shouldn’t stop you either.

To find out more about Becky’s services, including the ‘Master Your Method Programme’, visit: