Featured Entrepreneurs: Two sisters Adeola and Jane, Creators of Cultureville.

Award winning sustainable fashion brand created by two sisters with a passion to add gorgeous African print pieces to your wardrobe! Featured on Hello Magazine, Stylist Magazine, BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Manchester’s Finest & More!

Cultureville was founded by two sisters Adeola and Jane with a passion to highlight and share the immense beauty and talent Africa has to offer the world. The heart behind Cultureville is to invest in highly-skilled African tailors and artisans from low income backgrounds.

According to the founders, Cultureville prides itself on sourcing its fabrics exclusively from African suppliers and having production teams based in Nigeria and Ghana, led by African women. The two sisters were born in Nigeria and raised with the passion and boldness of the African culture instilled in them.

Living in the UK, they found it extremely difficult to find affordable, high quality and stylish clothing that featured the vibrant prints and intricate patterns that were the hallmark of their cultural clothing in designs that integrated their personal styles.

They therefore decided to face the challenge head-on by creating a brand that would address their issues and cater to their needs – thus began Cultureville.

The Cultureville brand is a beautiful union of bold print and sophisticated style. It is founded on the values of integrity, quality and value. Therefore the two sisters would only create clothing that they would be excited to wear and would only sell it at a price they would be willing to buy it.

To shop or learn more about their brand head over to their website https://www.cultureville.co.uk/ or their social media at https://www.facebook.com/CulturevilleManchester