Entrepreneur Spotlight: Meet Leona Burton – Founder of Mums/Moms In Business International as she talks about her life as a ‘digital nomad’.

We’ve had the opportunity to feature Leona Burton, founder of Mums/Moms In Business International, a global networking community of mums in business on how she had successfully managed to navigate entrepreneurship and family life as well as living life as a digital nomad.

Leona, a British mum of five, soon to be six, spent the pandemic year traveling around the world with her family – all whilst homeschooling her children, running a six-figure business, and expecting baby number six in May 2022!

It’s been an interesting time – my first scan was in Marbella, the second in Dubrovnik and the last one was in Portugal!.” She says.

In 2018 Leona gave up her nine to five work and lifestyle to become a digital nomad. She sold up all the family’s belongings in six short weeks and left the UK.

Along with her husband Lee, Leona decided that the stress of corporate life was enough to make them re-evaluate their lifestyle.

“I became a digital nomad because I wanted to give my children a taste of freedom outside of the norms of our current situation – I want them to experience the world.” She says.

Never letting the grass grow beneath their feet the family have traveled far and wide, all whilst Leona’s business ‘Mums/Moms In Business International’, supports them.

“Some days it’s business as usual but many days have been spent working the morning in the office and by the afternoon the family and I are swimming in waterfalls, feeding wild monkeys in Mexico or cutting our own freshly-harvested sugar cane!” Leona explains.

Leona’s children are all remotely homeschooled and enjoy the experiences that their nomadic life gives them. And although many would be put off by the thought of traveling during pregnancy, Leona feels her more relaxed lifestyle eases her stress and improves her general wellbeing.

Digital nomads refer to people who rely on connective technology to make a living and opt for a nomadic lifestyle. Usually employed or self-employed in their country of origin, these workers can do their job on their laptops from anywhere with good internet access.

Some digital nomads embark on this way of life temporarily while others do it on a long term basis and travel through various countries.

According to statistics from Nomadific, 26% of digital nomads have children aged 18 and under. Of those with children 41% say their children travel with them while 59% say their children don’t travel with them.

About Mums/Mom In Business International

Established in 2020, Mums/Mom In Business International (https://mib.international/) is a support network for mums in business, hosting child-friendly networking events globally for over 300k women and mums. The network also provides education for mums and women who want to grow their businesses. Leona hosts events and trainings from wherever she is in the world – turning over almost £200k revenue in the first year.