Untapped FR – Supporting female entrepreneurs and business owners.

Recently launched – Untapped FR and SWOB (Support Women-Owned Businesses) Directory is for Female Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners across the UK to raise visibility, showcase their businesses and come together.

Women entrepreneurs across the UK continue to contribute to the success of the economy through entrepreneurship and by providing innovative products and services to consumers. Despite their successes women entrepreneurs and business owners continue to be under-presented.

This is where the Untapped FR’s ‘Supporting Women-Owned Business’ or SWOB directory comes in. The SWOB directory is an exclusive and dedicated online directory that was created (during COVID 19) to help and support women-owned businesses, raise the visibility of their products and services as well as connect them with potential consumers within the UK and across the globe.

Our Goal: To help and support female professionals, entrepreneurs and business women across the UK, increase visibility of their products and services and to connect them with communities within the UK as well worldwide.

Throughout the world many businesses big and small have been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Female entrepreneurs and female-owned businesses across the UK are no exception. Many of them are changing the way they do business in order to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

The SWOB directory was created by Untapped FR, a platform that was initially created to connects female professionals and entrepreneurs with businesses and organisations looking for specialised service providers to fulfil their business needs.

We’ve since then created this useful resource and tool to support female entrepreneurs and businesses during these difficult times.

So if you are a female professional, entrepreneur or business owner looking for another way of raising visibility of your business or showcasing your products and services please feel free to get in touch.